Internxt Drive Review: Incredibly Affordable Storage, Sync, and Backup Solutions

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Internxt Drive Review: Incredibly Affordable Storage, Sync, and Backup Solutions

Internxt Drive



  • Comprehensive online storage, sync, and backup services
  • Exceptionally affordable lifetime plans
  • High levels of security and privacy
  • Free 2TB account included


  • Improvement needed in help and task feedback
  • Occasional connection errors

Our Assessment:

Internxt Drive offers an impressive blend of web access, file synchronization, and genuine backup services. However, the standout feature is undoubtedly the remarkably affordable lifetime plans. While there is room for improvement in documentation and backup feedback, the cost savings provided by Internxt Drive are truly noteworthy.

Despite highlighting its 256-bit encryption and commitment to privacy, Internxt Drive does not introduce a distinctive function that sets it apart from other similar services like Dropbox,, OneDrive, and iDrive. The core functionalities include sync, storage, and true backup, aligning with industry standards.

What sets Internxt Drive apart is its intuitive segmentation of services and, most notably, the incredibly budget-friendly lifetime plans. Given that Internxt is a relatively new entrant in the market, seizing these deals sooner rather than later is advisable.

Internxt Drive Sign-up and Plans:

Internxt Drive boasts one of the simplest sign-up processes, requiring only an email and password. The free plan starts at 2GB (but may indicate 3GB), and users can increase their storage by performing various actions, such as inviting friends. For users requiring more space, there are monthly plans including a $0.89-per-month 20GB plan, a $3.49-per-month 200GB plan, and an $8.99-per-month 2TB plan. These prices are approximate and subject to change based on currency conversion from Euros.


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The real game-changer, however, is Internxt’s lifetime plans, as outlined below. The pricing is eye-catching, especially when compared to monthly alternatives. The 2TB forever plan, even with the company’s relatively short three-year existence, offers significant cost savings compared to other yearly subscription plans.

Despite the competitive landscape and the company’s youth, Internxt utilizes the reputable OVH storage infrastructure, providing assurance that your data should remain accessible. The lifetime pricing, coupled with this infrastructure, makes Internxt Drive a compelling choice.

It’s worth noting that all Internxt plans, regardless of cost, offer the same features, demonstrating a commitment to providing value across the board.

Performance of Internxt Drive:

The synchronization performance of Internxt Drive is generally satisfactory, with smooth operation for files up to 1GB. However, a notable observation is that when files are deleted online, they reappear from local folders rather than being removed from all devices. This represents a limitation in achieving complete two-way sync.


While both 50GB and 400GB backups eventually completed, occasional connection errors disrupted the process. Although some errors were attributed to user oversight, others were categorized as “can’t contact server” errors with an active connection. Despite automatic resumption of backups, the occurrence was perplexing.

Minor issues include ambiguous error messages and the absence of bandwidth throttling during backups, leading to potential disruptions for other tasks. The backup function also lacks detailed feedback on progress, a common issue in the industry.

Is Internxt Drive Worth It?

Internxt Drive stands out for its user-friendly interface and logical task segregation, aligning with users’ mental organization. The current steal-of-a-deal offered by lifetime plans significantly enhances the platform’s value proposition.

While improvements in hand-holding and job feedback are desirable, the substantial cost savings provided by Internxt Drive make it a compelling option for users seeking an affordable and reliable storage solution.