Top PC Deals: Your Ultimate Guide from Desktops to All-in-Ones

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Top PC Deals: Your Ultimate Guide from Desktops to All-in-Ones

Whether you’re in search of an efficient desktop, a gaming PC, or a stylish all-in-one Windows machine, we’ve compiled the best PC deals to meet your needs. The SIN team has curated a list of top discounts from reputable companies in the realm of daily computer sales, ensuring you get the best value for your money with high-quality hardware.

Please note: Tech deals change quickly, and some of the discounts mentioned here might expire before our next update.

Best Gaming Desktop Deals:

  1. Yeyian Tanto,                    Core i5/RTX 4070/16GB RAM/1TB SSD, $1,199.00 (Newegg 25% discount)
  2. Alienware Aurora R15,    Core i9/RTX 4090/32GB RAM/1TB SSD, $3,199.99 (Dell 18% discount)
  3. Alienware Aurora R15,    Core i7/RTX 4070/16GB RAM/1TB SSD, $1,499.99 (Dell 25% discount)
  4. MSI Codex R,                    Core i5/RTX 4060/32GB RAM/2TB SSD, $1,032.99 (Amazon 20% discount)
  5. HP Victus 15L,                  Core i7/RTX 3060/16GB RAM/512GB SSD/1TB HDD, $879.99 (HP 37% discount)
  6. HP Omen 40L,                 Core i5/RTX 4060/16GB RAM/512GB SSD, $1,129.99 (HP 25% discount)
  7. CLX Gaming Desktop,    Core i9/RTX 4070/64GB RAM/2TB SSD/6TB HDD, $2,529.99 (Adorama 21% discount)

My Top Picks: The Yeyian Tanto from Newegg is priced at only $1,199, offering an affordable mid-range gaming PC. This comes just in time for the upcoming Nvidia Super series, providing a satisfying 25% discount. Even with some models featuring older RTX 40 series GPUs, it’s a great deal for a robust gaming PC equipped with a mid-range RTX 4070 graphics card.

For those seeking the absolute best in performance, the Dell Alienware Aurora R15, priced at $3,199.99, is sure to meet your needs. With a Core i9-13900KF processor and Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU, along with 32GB of RAM, this desktop will remain top-tier for years to come.

Best Mainstream Desktop Deals:

  1. HP Elite Mini 600 G9, Core i3/16GB RAM/256GB SSD, $469.99 (BestBuy 48% discount)
  2. HP Slim Desktop, Core i5/16GB RAM/1TB SSD, $579.99 (HP 28% discount)
  3. MSI Cubi 5, Core i5/8GB RAM/250GB SSD, $319.99 (Adorama 49% discount)
  4. Apple Mac Mini, Core i5/8GB RAM/512GB SSD, $419.00 (Adorama 62% discount)

My Top Picks: During this holiday season, the discounts on mini PCs are impressive. Two standout deals are the MSI Cubi 5 on Adorama for $319.99 and the Apple Mac Mini on Adorama for $419.00. While their specs are nearly identical, considering the price, I would recommend the MSI Cubi 5, as it is more budget-friendly, and you only sacrifice some built-in storage, easily supplemented with an external SSD.

Best All-in-One Desktop Deals:

  1. IdeaCentre AiO 5i, Core i7/Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics/16GB RAM/512GB SSD/24-inch 1080p touchscreen, $919.99 (Lenovo 18% discount)
  2. Yoga AiO 9i, Core i9/Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics/16GB RAM/1TB SSD/31.5-inch 4K display, $1,599.99 (Lenovo 23% discount)
  3. HP Envy AiO 34, Core i7/RTX 3060/16GB RAM/1TB SSD/34-inch 5K display, $1,899.99 (HP 19% discount)
  4. Apple iMac, Core i5/Radeon Pro 5300/8GB RAM/512GB SSD/27-inch 5K display, $1,279.99 (Adorama 36% discount)

My Top Picks: Lenovo continues to offer great discounts on all-in-ones, with the IdeaCentre AiO 5i discounted by $210 and the flagship Yoga AiO 9i discounted by $280 on the Lenovo website. Both come with excellent components and the reliability characteristic of Lenovo computers. The recently redesigned Yoga AiO 9i stands out with a powerful CPU and a stunning 4K display.

If you have ample desktop space, the HP Envy AiO 34 is an impressive large-sized all-in-one, featuring a 34-inch 5K ultra-wide display. Currently priced at $1,899.99 on the HP website, it’s noteworthy that it also comes with a discrete graphics card, which is quite unusual for an all-in-one.

FAQs about Computer Deals:

  1. What are good websites to find computer deals?

    There are many websites selling computers, but for convenience, it’s advisable to check the websites of first-party suppliers like HP, Dell, and Lenovo. During sales periods, large third-party retailers like Amazon, Adorama, Walmart, BestBuy, and Newegg usually offer rich daily deal sales.

  2. When is the best time to buy a PC?

    Generally, the best time to buy a PC is during major sales periods such as late November’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Amazon Prime Day in early to mid-July. Other holiday shopping periods, such as New Year sales in January, Presidents’ Day sales in April, and back-to-school promotions in August, are also good times to look for computer discounts.

  3. What type of desktop should I buy?

    Desktop options can be categorized into four main types: productivity towers, gaming PCs, mini PCs, and all-in-ones (AiO). The choice depends on your needs, with efficient PCs or AiOs suitable for home offices, and gaming PCs ideal for gaming enthusiasts.

  4. What CPU and GPU should I buy?

    When choosing a new computer’s CPU, it’s recommended to select at least an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 for ample processing power for daily computing tasks. For GPUs, if gaming is a priority, consider Nvidia GeForce 3060 or AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT.

  5. How much RAM and storage space does my computer need?

    For RAM, it’s recommended to have at least 16GB, but 8GB is sufficient for home computers and internet browsing. Storage size depends on personal needs, with SSDs recommended for speed.

  6. Is buying a refurbished computer a good idea?

    Refurbished computers are often a cost-effective choice, but be mindful of cosmetic flaws and potentially outdated internal components. If considering a refurbished computer, check for warranty terms, with eBay offering a one-year warranty. Manufacturer refurbishment stores like Dell Outlet and Apple Refurbished Store are also reliable options.