Verimatrix Introduces Triple-Threat Initiative to Elevate Mobile App Security

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Verimatrix Introduces Triple-Threat Initiative to Elevate Mobile App Security

In response to the escalating challenges posed by the pervasive nature of mobile applications, Verimatrix has unveiled its Triple-Threat Initiative, a comprehensive approach aimed at fortifying mobile app security. The contemporary landscape, marked by an average of 80 apps per smartphone user, underscores the need for heightened vigilance in securing mobile app ecosystems. Recent prominent breaches, characterized by innovative overlay attacks within mobile apps, emphasize the urgency of addressing vulnerabilities that can potentially expose users to unauthorized access and compromise sensitive information, including personal banking details.

Verimatrix’s Cybersecurity Microsite: A Hub for Knowledge and Resources

In alignment with its commitment to addressing evolving cybersecurity threats, Verimatrix has inaugurated a dedicated cybersecurity microsite ( This platform serves as a valuable resource for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Security Operations Center (SOC) teams, fraud departments, and developers seeking the latest insights and information on mobile app security. The microsite includes an array of multimedia resources, such as videos and whitepapers, offering a comprehensive knowledge base to navigate the intricate landscape of mobile app security.

Establishment of VMX Labs for Continuous Threat Intelligence

To enhance its cybersecurity offerings, Verimatrix has introduced VMX Labs, spearheaded by Klaus Schenk, the Senior Vice President of Security and Threat Research at Verimatrix. VMX Labs is dedicated to delivering ongoing cyber threat advisories, complemented by insights and commentary from its team of experts. The aim is to furnish valuable information for application developers and users alike, shedding light on emerging threat types and effective mitigation strategies.

Revamped Extended Threat Defence (XTD) Product: Elevating User Experience and Capabilities

As part of the Triple-Threat Initiative, Verimatrix has redesigned its Extended Threat Defence (XTD) product, equipping customers with an enhanced user experience (UX) and design. The revamped XTD empowers customers to seamlessly prevent, detect, respond, and predict threats targeting both mobile applications and the interconnected devices vital to critical infrastructure. Notably, Verimatrix has expanded detection capabilities to encompass network-level risks, offering insights into application-specific risks and safeguarding the connection to an organization’s critical infrastructure.

Asaf Ashkenazi, CEO’s Perspective on the Triple-Threat Initiative: Elevating Mobile App Security

Commenting on these advancements, Asaf Ashkenazi, CEO at Verimatrix, expressed enthusiasm about the unveiling of the new UX for the cybersecurity product, Extended Threat Defence. Ashkenazi emphasized the significance of Verimatrix XTD in safeguarding the connection between businesses and their consumers. With an increasing reliance on mobile applications for customer interactions, Ashkenazi stressed the critical role Verimatrix plays in securing mobile app ecosystems and swiftly responding to emerging threats, including zero-day attacks. In his words, “Verimatrix XTD protects the connection of businesses to their consumers — and there is nothing more important than that.”